The ESRGC has recently completed updates to the Economic Dashboard on the Delmarva Index.  The 2017 data has been replaced with 2018 for the following topics: Population, Labor Force, Commute, Income, Employees, Businesses, Payroll, and Housing.  This data is provided by the U.S. Census Bureau and American Community Survey and is the most current available from these sources.  Associated download tables have also been updated to include 2018 data (2017 data is still available in these download tables.)

Visit the to view the updated data in the dashboard


Head over to the catalog to download the datasets to support your analysis and visualizations!

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The Delmarva Index is made possible by the Mid-Shore Regional Council and the Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland in partnership with the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative, with support through the Rural Maryland Council’s Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF).

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