Division: Lower Shore Workforce Alliance
The purpose of this RFP is to find an event planner who can facilitate the 2019 Raising the Bar Conference.

Project Status:
We are not accepting questions or bids/proposals at this time

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Procurement Officer

March 4, 2019                     Release of RFP

March 11, 2019, 4 pm        Deadline to submit questions via email

March 13, 2019, 4 pm        Responses to submitted questions posted on the website

March 15, 2019, 12 pm      Proposal deadline

March 27, 2019                   Notification of Award


Main Documents 

Project Q & A
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<strong>Regarding the registration and transactions systems, is there a specific software or web-based product that is required?</strong>
The contracted bidder is responsible for selecting the product(s). Appropriate use of the selected system’s features to maximize an organized, efficient and professional even is imperative. For example, a stand-alone online payment system is not sufficient; however, an event registration software with customizable features is acceptable.
<strong>(1)How will exhibitor, sponsorship and registration fees be collected? (2)Is the intent of the RFP that the conference planner would serve as fiscal intermediary, i.e. receiving all funds and paying all bills?</strong>
MWA seeks an event planner that will collect all payments. The payments should be reconciled to the appropriate registration type. Examples are exhibitor, sponsor level, group attendee, individual attendee; attendee options may include one-day, two-day, or pre-conference, and may or may not have a discount related to early-bird or other “coupons”. Once reconciled, the appropriate documentation and payment should be sent from the event planner to TCCF/MWA.
<strong>(1)How will the fees associated with the event be paid? (2)Do we manage the payment of invoices for you to execute payment or do you expect us to pay invoices then submit to you for reimbursement?</strong>
Accounts payable, such as contracts with the event venue and event planner will be paid by TCCF/MWA at the request of the event planner directly to the contracted vendor. Instructions will be provided in the contract terms. Items identified in the RFP and approved budget as the responsibility of the event planner will be paid directly by the event planner
<strong>Will funds be provided to ensure that the venue and other bills can be paid if large groups, sponsors or exhibitors don't pay in a timely manner? (2) How should proposal account for expenses that cannot be known at this time including but not limited to speaker expenses, venue costs, AV costs?</strong>
Please see question #3 (right above this one) for the answer.
<strong>Has a venue been contracted with for the event?</strong>
<strong>How will Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) registrations be handled? In the past that was simply an accounting transaction against their grant by Tri-County Council.</strong>
DLLR provides a grant to TCC which includes a certain number of attendee registrations. All registrations will be handled by the selected vendor and reported to Tri-County Council.
(<strong>1)Do you have a list of previous attendees with contact information? (2) What lists/channels would be available for distributing e-marketing materials to potential attendees?</strong>
Previous years’ contact lists are available.
<strong>Do we source volunteers independently or do you have a database that you reach out to and pull from?</strong>
Volunteers are sourced with the assistance of the local workforce area directors.
<strong>Where do you typically hold the monthly meetings and who is involved?</strong>
The Maryland Workforce Association is a group of Maryland’s twelve local workforce area directors. The meetings are usually held at 7000 Arundel Mills Circle, Hanover, MD 21076.
<strong>When you state project budget, is this just for our services to execute the scope of work on this RFP or are you expecting a project budget for everything involved in the conference such as food & beverage, audio/visual needs, rooming/travel, etc?</strong>
The requested project budget is your proposed budget related to the scope of work.
<strong>What is your attendance goal?</strong>
The attendance goal is approximately 800 people per day.
<strong>Is the conference invite-only or open to the public?</strong>
The conference has a target audience; however, it is not limited to only those who receive an invitation.
<strong>Are attendees on their own for travel & lodging or do we manage reservation booking?</strong>
Attendees are responsible for their own travel and lodging.
<strong>Do we write/develop contracts for the exhibitors or do we just manage the execution?</strong>
TCCF/MWA is responsible for writing and signing the exhibitor contracts. Regarding contracts with exhibitors, the role of the event planner is to facilitate the contracting process between the exhibitor and TCCF/MWA and to ensure compliance with the contract terms.
<strong>The RFP does not include any reference to abstract/workshop solicitation and review? How will this be handled and what abstract management system will be used?</strong>
The call for proposals will be made by the selected vendor as part of the marketing/communication responsibilities. A volunteer committee is responsible for review and selection of the workshops.
<strong>The RFP does not include any reference to a mobile app. Does this mean that there is no intent to have a mobile app? If there is a mobile app who will be handling that and has one been purchased?</strong>
A decision about a mobile app will be made during planning.
<strong>Will adequate funds be provided up front to ensure that initial expenses can be covered?</strong>
The amount of initial funds requested will be negotiated during the contract period.
<strong>What happens if income generated doesn't cover expenses?</strong>
Income is expected to exceed expenses.
<strong>Do you have a tentative schedule based on past years that you can share including general session hours, any meals provided, # of breakout sessions, ancillary events?</strong>
A schedule has not been established; for reference, last year’s schedule is located above in the main documents section(RTB2018Schedule). Additionally, the pre-conference day included all day workshop with a break for lunch and day one included an invitation-only happy hour.
<strong>Do you have a revenue goal?</strong>
The revenue goal will be established with the finalization of the event budget.
<strong>What is your target goal for # exhibitors?</strong>
The target number has not been established. For reference, the combined number of exhibitors and sponsors last year was 34.
<strong>(1) Do you have a projected budget based on past year's? (2)Would you be able to tell us the budget for this event?</strong>
This year’s event budget has not been finalized. As a reference point, last year’s event budget was $190,000.
<strong>Is a conference-specific phone line meant to be a mandatory requirement?</strong>
A phone number is not mandatory. An explanation as to why one would not be provided is desirable.
<strong>How many attendee and sponsor lists need to be produced?</strong>
A minimum of one electronic and one print.
<strong>What size program? 4-Color?</strong>
For proposal purposes you may make a recommendation and budget based on that recommendation.
<strong>Regarding the production of printed materials, should name badge holders be included as well as name tags?</strong>
<strong>Regarding the coordination and production of printed materials, what costs should be included under 'including by not limited to'? </strong>
You may make recommendations in your proposal.
<strong>No requirements were listed under the budget section. Please specify what you would like covered here. Are you looking only for the specific items listed in the proposal (i.e. labor, registration system, program, bags, etc.) or did you have other items in mind as well?</strong>
Your response should address all items requested in the RFP.
<strong>Please provide detail on what you are looking for in the proposal narrative</strong>.
This is a competitive bid process. Incomplete answers or ones that do not provide detail put bidders at a disadvantage. The proposal evaluation criteria is listed in the RFP.

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