Division: Lower Shore Workforce Alliance
Tri-County Council for the Lower Eastern Shore of MD is accepting proposals for a replacement of the American Job Center (One-Stop Job Market) Mobile Unit. This unit is considered a specialty vehicle which will be customized and built in a “classroom” configuration. It will be used to deliver American Job Center services to remote locations.

Project Status:
We are not accepting questions or bids/proposals at this time

Lead Contacts:
Procurement Officer

Dates and Timeline:

May 24, 2019                Release of RFP

May 31, 2019                Deadline to submit questions via website by 12 pm

June 3, 2019                  Question responses posted on website

June 7, 2019                  Proposal deadline by 4 pm

June 17, 2019                Estimated Award Date

Main Documents

Project Q & A
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<strong>Is a 16 inch tire with 14,500 GVWR rater chassis acceptable? If not, is a 19.6 inch tire acceptable? </strong>
The tires must be 18″ or larger and appropriate for the vehicle size and rating.
<strong>Would a 92 inch interior width acceptable? </strong>
Yes, any interior width is fine as long as it exceeds the 72 in. minimum.
<strong>Plugging the vehicle in at night is the only way to 'Winterize' the vehicle. Is this acceptable? </strong>
It is acceptable to provide instructions for winterization.
<strong>Would spray in foam insulation with a higher R value be acceptable?</strong>
Yes, provided all other related requirements are met ( for example, accessible cable runs).
<strong>Can you please clarify what you are expecting for the windows on the vehicle?</strong>
We are expecting (1) drivers side window, (1) passenger side window (both located in the driving compartment). The doors would lock, but not the windows. In addition, we would like (1) windows on the class room entrance door (passenger side) and (1) emergency escape window on the driver’s side rear of the classroom.

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