Division: Shore Transit
Shore Transit and Queen Anne’s County/County Ride are soliciting proposals from qualified marketing/advertising firms to market, sell, produce, place and maintain advertising panels and wraps on buses of the region’s 70 transit vehicles.

Project Status:
We are not accepting questions or bids/proposals at this time


Lead Contacts:
Procurement Officer


Dates and Timeline:

September 13, 2019                  Release of RFP

October 7, 2019                         Bidder’s Conference (Shore Transit’s Training Room)

October 11, 2019, 2 pm            Deadline to submit questions via email

October 18, 2019, 4 pm            Responses to submitted questions posted on the website

November 1, 2019, 2 pm          Proposal deadline

November 22, 2019                  Contract awarded

December 1, 2019                     Contract start date


Main Documents


Project Q & A
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Could you please provide the revenue figures for the Transit Advertising Contract that has been in place for the last five years?
Contract Year One (01/2015-11/2015) – $82,944.91, Contract Year Two (12/2015-11/2016) – $100,678.63, Contract Year Three (12/2016-11/2017) – $99,719.40, Contract Year Four (12/2017-11/2018) – $80,598.10, Contract Year Five (12/2018-09/2019) – $22,500.00, *Dollar amounts are the total revenue of Shore Transit and Queen Anne’s County.
Can companies from outside Canada apply for this (like, from India or USA)?
Any company is invited to bid and all will be reviewed to insure they can meet all the requirements outlined in the RFP and FTA/MTA regulations.
Do we need to over there for meetings?
Meetings are not mandatory. Vendors may request a phone number and can call into meetings.
Can we perform tasks (related to RFP) outside Canada (like, from India or USA)?
As long as the company can meet all of the requirements outlined in the RFP and FTA/MTA regulations.
Can we submit the proposals via email?
Please provide past 5-year transit contract revenue figures for Queen Anne's County Ride?
Year 1 $33,177.95; Year 2 $40,271.45; Year 3 $39,887.76; Year 4 $32,239.24; Year 5 $9,000
Where is the location of the Queen Anne's County Ride Bus Garage (i.e. installation of sign work area site)
312 Safety Drive, Centerville, MD 21617
What are days and hours sign installation contractor would be allowed to install the signs?
Shore Transit – 7:00am-5:00pm seven days a week with Saturday and Sunday being the best days to work on most buses – Queen Anne’s County Ride – any time after 4:00pm
Please provide ridership figures for Queen Anne's County Ride broken down by: fixed route, and curb to curb?
Queen Anne’s County Ride had 30,000 rides and 100,000 miles on deviated routes in FY19
Is the use of third party vendors for the sign installation, repair of buses, allowed under the Contract?
Yes, but the contractor assumes liability for them
Please provide list of top ten paying advertisers for 2018 and revenues generated by each broken down by Shore Transit and Queen Anne's County Ride.
We decline to answer this question as the information is proprietary to our current vendor.
How many bus shelters does Shore Transit have?

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