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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

A CEDS, or Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, is a guide to understanding the regional economy and is a useful guide to local decision making.

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Tri-County Council Lower Shore Veterans Committee

The Tri-County Council Lower Shore Veterans Committee was formed in 2019 to gauge input from various Veterans Service Organizations on the Lower Eastern Shore.  Among the challenges identified by the committee was a lack of centralized coordination of information and services among the various organizations combined with a lack of administrative and financial capacity to structure the needed coordination.  The committee determined these challenges in turn acted as barriers to the delivery of services and programs to the Lower Shore veteran community in the most effective and efficient manner.  Recognizing that a number of county governments in Maryland had created formal Veterans Commissions or Veterans Councils, the committee recommended commissioning a survey of such entities currently existing in the State of Maryland in order to gain insight into the formulation of a model which might be applicable or adaptable to the Lower Shore on a regional basis. A draft survey performed by the veteran-owned company Consulting Training & Development Services was submitted in April, 2020.  The draft survey was funded by the Tri-County Council and is currently being reviewed by the committee.  The document makes note of any formal local government involvement in the formation of the surveyed entities, including local enabling legislation and partnering local elected bodies or agencies. The bylaws of a number of entities are also included in the draft survey for use by the Lower Shore committee as possible templates.  Also included is a list of stated initiatives and goals from a number of the entities.

Committee Documents 

Water & Sewer

Membership includes water and wastewater operators from both county and municipal government. The Committee meets every 3-6 months.

Committee Documents 

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Membership includes representatives from planning departments and universities who use GIS. The Committee meets every 3-6 months.

Chair: Dr. Michael Scott

Committee Documents


This committee is responsible for Telecommunications and IT related functions. Membership includes representatives from local government interested in expanding broadband capacity and availability in the region.

Committee Documents

Wallops Regional Partners

Administered by the Tri-County Council and meeting on-site at Wallops Flight Facility, the Committee’s purpose is to provide an opportunity for NASA/Wallops Management to engage in person with a range of economic development, government, education and business partner organizations at the federal, state and local level. Meetings include quarterly updates and discussions regarding collaborative efforts between Wallops and regional stakeholders to identify and promote educational and occupational opportunities.

Committee Documents

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